Jesus said, "Let the little children come to Me..."

Matthew 19:14

KidMin Program is offered for infants-5th grade during our 9:30 am amphitheater service.
Our kids begin service worshiping with their family in the amphitheater & then are dismissed. 
On days the amphitheater is closed, due to weather, kidmin services will be at the 9:30 & 11:30 services.


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Volunteer Information Center

Volunteers please contact Nicole Britton for the password to access the Kimin Team page and VBS volunteer page.

About Our Curriculum

We use The Gospel Project which is a Christ-centered, chronological Bible Sunday school curriculum. 
  • Focus on Jesus-Help kids see how the whole Bible points to Jesus and the gospel.
  • Connect the dots-Chronological study plan unites the big story and themes of Scripture.
  • Live the story-Help kids avoid moralistic thinking through gospel-soaked discipleship
Our Students will go through the entire Bible in 4 years.


 "Roman's Road"
These verses, all from the book of Romans will help equip your child to be able to share the gospel with others.

Learning Roman's Road and the books of the Bible will be a focus in our program this summer.

This is a great family project!                                      

Music is a powerful tool to help with memorization.
Here are some resources to help your family work on the memorization project from home.

Kidmin's Vision & Mission

Our Vision: To make disciples by impacting the lives of kids with the Word and Love of God. We do this by providing a safe, fun, and loving environment while teaching God’s word.

Our mission is that our kids will KNOW Jesus as their Lord and Savior and will GROW in their knowledge of His word, so they will be able to SHOW the love of Jesus and stand firm in their faith as they GO and share the gospel to a dying world.

Know: To learn the Word of God, to know and understand who God is, and to learn what their purpose is in being a follower of Jesus
Grow: To experience a personal relationship with Jesus, and to grow in that relationship as they apply the scriptures to their lives.
Show: To live life as a follower of Christ and seek  ways to share His love with others 
Go: To go share the gospel with their friends and family