"I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”
Genesis 12:3


We'll be traveling to Israel October 28th through November 6th 2020 for a 10 day Biblical Tour which will be exclusive to Calvary Chapel Salem. We are SO excited about this opportunity and can't wait to experience the Holy Land together as a church family! There are still a few spots open please contact us for more info.

A few of the historical places we'll be visiting are: Mt. Carmel, Nazareth, Galilee, Capernaum, Golan Heights, Dead Sea, Masada, Jericho, Mt. of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, Via Dolorosa, City of David, Garden Tomb, Jerusalem and much more.


Before we embark on our journey we're having a monthly Bible Study "Falling in Love with Israel God's Word" on the 1st Friday of every month from 6:45-8:00PM. Led by Shawn & Michelle Lewis. This study will be going through both the Old and New Testaments highlighting scripture that we believe will enhance and get you excited about the upcoming tour.  We will also use some visual aids including photos, videos and maps to help get us familiar with Israel and some of our itinerary locations.

All the readings and questions are suggested only. We hope they may enhance your preparation for the trip. Feel free to do as much or as little as you are able and want to do.

Anyone is welcome to join in this study whether you'll be joining us on tour or not.
Discussion & Meeting March 13th 2020

The readings for this month focus on the passages where Jesus was teaching, preaching and healing in Galilee and the north of Israel.  You will note that we are not looking at John.  That's because most of John focuses on Jesus' time and ministry in and around Jerusalem.  We will be focusing on Jesus in Jerusalem next month.

Week 1: Feb 26th - 29th  -- Suggested Reading:  Matthew 4:12-25, 8-9, 11-12, 14-17
1. According to Matthew 4:13, Jesus moved from ___________________ where he had grown up to live in ________________________.
2. In Matthew 11:20-24, Jesus denounces the cities in which "most of his miracles" were performed.  What three cities does he name? Why does he denounce them?
3. What is something that Jesus said - that you encountered in your reading - that impacted you?  Where was he when he said it, and to whom was it said? How did it impact you?

Week 2: March 1st – 6th  -- Suggested Reading:  Mark 1-5, 6:30-56, 7:24-9:32
1. Who had a house in Capernaum (Mark 1:21-29)?  What are some things that are recorded about Jesus at that house?
2. Several passages describe things Jesus did and said by/beside/near or on "the lake" (the Sea of Galilee).  From the following passages, list some of those things.  Mark 1:16, 2:13, 3:7, 4:1, 5:21, 6:47
3. In Mark 8:27-30 Peter gives his confession that Jesus is the Christ.  Where did this take place?  

Week 3: March 7th – 13th  -- Suggested Reading:  Luke 4:14-6:16, 7:1-17, 8:22-9:62
1. What notable things happened when Jesus returned to Nazareth early in his ministry?  
(Luke 4:14-30)
2. What does Luke call the Sea of Galilee in Luke 5:1?
3. What is something that Jesus said - that you encountered in your reading - that impacted you?  Where was he when he said it, and to whom was it said? How did it impact you?

Challenge/Reflection Questions
1. What are some of the prophecies that Jesus fulfilled in the passages we read?  Where were they recorded in the Old Testament, and in what location was Jesus when He fulfilled them?  (HINT:  Use a Bible that has footnotes.)
2. Comparing our travel itinerary to the reading we did this month, what is one location that came up in your reading/questions that we are visiting?  What is one thing that happened there or that Jesus said or taught there?
3. Find the following places on a map:  Capernaum, Nazareth, Bethsaida, Cana, Caesarea Philippi, region of the Gerasenes, the Decapolis, Tyre, Nain, Magadan/Magdala, Korazin/Chorazin